Map of Switzerland

Switzerland Climate

Switzerland is part of the continent of Europe.

Best time to visit Switzerland

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Switzerland is during months May, May, June and June when the average temperatures are perhaps a little cooler than preferred but still a pleasant 10°C to 20°C. If you don't mind bringing a coat, you might also enjoy visiting Switzerland during January, January, February, February, March, March, April and April but average temperatures are fairly cool (between 0°C and 10°C).

Within Switzerland, the warmest city is Lugano, which averages 11.9 °C for the year. The coldest city is Geneva, which averages 7.9 °C for the year.

The wettest city in Switzerland is Lugano, which has on average 128.8 mm rainfall for the year. The city with the least rainfall in a year is Geneva, which averages 67.7 mm of rain per year.

Switzerland Climate Chart

Below is the climate chart for Switzerland which resides in the continent of Europe. It shows the averages for each month across the country so the actual climate may vary quite a bit, especially between north and south.

Average Temperature in °C1.
Total number of rainy days998.

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